What We Believe

We believe in the triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
We believe in the inerrancy and infalibility of the Bible.
We believe in 7 literal 24 hour days of creation.
We believe that salvation through Jesus Christ alone is the only way to heaven.
We believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, Mary.
We believe that Jesus walked the earth for approximately 33 years and that He lived a perfect, sinless life.
We believe that Jesus was nailed to a cross where He took the punishment for our sin.
We believe Jesus died, was burried, and rose again on the third day.
We believe that unless a person recognizes they are a sinner unable to save themselves, they repent of their sin and turn to Christ, trusting in Jesus as the only way to get heaven, and resulting in a changed life. 
We believe that after salvation, the believer should be baptized by immersion.
We believe that every follower of Christ should have a daily quiet time studying God's Word as well as a consistent prayer life. 
We believe that as Christians, we all are called to be witnesses, meaning that we all are to share Christ with others. 
We believe in biblical marriage and hold that marriage is to be between one man and one woman for life.
We believe in 2 church sacraments: baptism and the Lord's supper.
We believe missions is an extension of the local church reaching around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We believe that the local church is a vital part of the body of Christ.