Tim StevensTim Stevens
Senior Pastor
Pastor Tim has been pastoring First Baptist Church of Whitsett for the past 26 years. Tim has a graduate degree from Liberty University and serves currently on the Board at Truett McConnell University. Tim has been in ministry for over 40 years. Called to ministry at 16, he youth pastored several churches in Virginia, while at the same time, traveling as an itinerant evangelist. Preacher Tim has a wife, Tina, and he has two children: Candace (29) and Caleb (25). When not preaching, Tim ... view details
Twitter: @TimStevens11

Caleb StevensCaleb Stevens
Youth Pastor - Staff Evangelist
Caleb Stevens has grown up and served at FBC Whitsett his entire life. His dad, Pastor Tim Stevens, is the senior pastor of FBC Whitsett. Caleb has an undergraduate in Christian Studies from Truett McConnell University, and he is currently working on his M. Div. at Truett. Caleb has been in ministry since he was twenty, and he served a year and a half at FBC Atlanta before coming back to FBC Whitsett. Caleb has a heart for reaching the lost and has been called to be an evangelist. When he ... view details